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    What is a paperless meeting? Paperless conference system

    • 2021-09-13 13:27

    What is a paperless meeting? What should I do for a paperless meeting?

    What is paperless meeting? First, we need to understand what is paperless.

    Paperless office, commonly known as paperless office, is mainly to save office consumables and deal with daily office affairs at high speed.

    For a long time, the loss of government and enterprise office consumables is a confused account, and the cost is uncontrollable. Sometimes it even needs to modify a few words of documents and print them again, so the loss cost is uncontrollable. Paperless office can solve this problem, which is green, environmental protection, cost saving and efficient.

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    Paperless office

    In addition, to deal with daily office affairs, ordinary documents need to be approved and signed by various departments. A document may take two or three days to complete all procedures. For paperless office, it often takes two or three days to complete the procedures by using internal communication protocol for rapid submission and rapid approval, which can be completed in one morning, avoiding unnecessary waste of time and manpower.

    Paperless meeting is an indispensable part of paperless office. In ordinary meetings, it is necessary to notify the meeting personnel in advance, print all kinds of documents, submit them to the Department for approval, and then prepare for the meeting, hold the meeting, clean afterwards and other links will be very troublesome.

    The paperless conference room can greatly simplify these links. Let's first take a look at the standard paperless conference room

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    Tctrend paperless conference room case

    As can be seen from the figure, this paperless conference room includes conference tables, office chairs, 4K monitors and separate microphones and monitors for each conference position. This is a scene during the conference. Normally, the monitors and microphones are hidden under the desktop for easy cleaning.

    So what should paperless meetings do?

    First, find a reliable service provider to install the hardware or systems required for the conference room.

    Note that when selecting service providers, we must pay attention to R & D and after-sales, because most of these conference rooms are used by large enterprises or government departments, and a reliable service provider can solve many follow-up problems and have more mature solutions.


    So what do you think of the service provider's R & D and after-sales capabilities? Because the length is too long, we'll keep it for next issue!

    The above is the basic introduction of the paperless meeting and all the contents of how to do the paperless meeting. Interested friends can leave a message in the comment area below or con

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