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Product introduction

The touch screen on the embedded workstation makes it more convenient for nurses in non sterile areas to operate all kinds of equipment in the operating room, avoids unnecessary walking of medical staff in the operating room, and makes the environmental risk of the operating room further safer

Product features

    1. Adopt product design to avoid on-site assembly and welding; Customized by professional factories, it is easy to install, disassemble and maintain without pollution.

    2. The embedded workstation equipment is embedded in the wall to avoid dust and ash accumulation, meet the purification requirements to the greatest extent, and the strict air tightness design eliminates subtle turbulence.

    3. Select decorative materials that meet the purification standards, and the surface can be disinfected and wiped repeatedly.

    4. Design professional color matching for the operating room, improve the space comfort of the operating room, relieve the pressure of medical staff and eliminate the tension of patients.

    5. The customized design of the internal integrated information system meets the information development needs of the prefabricated operating room, which is convenient for upgrading, maintenance and expansion in the later stage.

Product specifications

resolving power
Panel type
Size (inch)
Brightness (standard)
contrast ratio
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